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William John Caparne (1855-1940)

Books about Caparne:

Rona Cole, (Ed.) : 1990 : Artists in Guernsey - CAPARNE : Published by Guernsey Museums & Galleries. ISBN 1 871560 83 7. Text by Adrian Joseph and Brian J. Bell; 41 colour plates. One of a series of booklets produced by the museum and the first modern re-appraisal of the artist. It mistakenly reports WJC's birth year as 1856 but is otherwise a sound, inexpensive introduction to the man and his works. Details on the museum's web site... here

Robin A Fenner : 1994 : A Genius Undeclared The life, works and times of William John Caparne FRHS : Published by the author at the Stannary Gallery, Tavistock, UK. ISBN 0 9523213 0 0; 102 pages, fully illustrated. Written by a well known auctioneer who has researched the artist's life and championed the cause of Caparne's art for many years, this lavishly illustrated book has probably done as much as anything else to account for the increase in popularity of Caparne's work. Available from selected bookshops and galleries.

Robin A Fenner : 1998 : Guernsey My Heaven on Earth William John Caparne FRHS Volume II : Published by the author at the Stannary Gallery, Tavistock, UK. ISBN 0 952321302; 120 pages, fully illustrated. The success of Robin Fenner's first book about Caparne could be measured by the wealth of new information about Caparne which it generated. Much of that new information (particularly about Caparne's family) is incorporated in My Heaven on Earth and a third volume in the series is planned. Availability - as above.